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Laurelwood Dolphins Swim Team

Introduction and Team Philosophy

The Laurelwood Cabana Club Swim Team ("Dolphins Swim Team") is a summer recreational swim team that provides Laurelwood Cabana Club youth (ages 18 and under – down to age 4!) the opportunity to swim competitively in the Junipero Serra Swim League (JSSL).

Our philosophy is that the Dolphins Swim Team should be FUN for our children and provide a happy social situation. Our goal is for children to learn teamwork and experience recreational competition in a supportive and encouraging setting while improving their general physical condition and specific swimming skills. We place the highest priority on the development and improvement of every swimmer, on fair sportsmanship and good team conduct. The team does not encourage intense competition, and there is no requirement for your child to swim in a swim meet.

Requirements to Join

To join the Dolphins Swim Team, a child must be 18 years or younger as of May 31, and must have a parent or guardian who is a member of the Laurelwood Cabana Club. To participate on the Dolphins Swim Team and to compete in swim meets, all swimmers must be able to follow instructions and swim the length of the pool (25 yards) unassisted, without stopping and with side breathing. Exception: swimmers 6 and under who can follow instructions and who can swim 3/4 of the length of the pool with side breathing will have until the practice meet to complete the swim ability prerequisite; a refund of half the registration fee will be issued to any swimmer unable to continue on the swim team (and the swimmer will be encouraged to take swim lessons, attend summer swim camps and try out for the team again).

Season Length

Things get started for new families with New Swimmer Evaluations in the spring.  During this week all new swimmers are evaluated for readiness and placed in an appropriate practice group.  Practices officially begin in April/May.  Practices are held every weekday, and Saturday morning swim meets begin in June.  The season ends with our Champs meet and a team awards dinner in July.

The regular season swim meets are held on Saturday mornings with the first race at 9:00 am.  Meets usually conclude around Noon.  Our season begins with our inter-squad practice meet and is followed by our dual meets through Champs in July.  We take one Saturday off for the July 4th Week.

Swimmer Expectations

Swimmer responsibilities are detailed in the Dolphins Swim Team Code of Conduct. Completion of this form is a requirement of swim team registration. General swimmer responsibilities include:

Parental Obligations

The success of the Dolphins Swim Team requires meaningful parent participation and a substantial time commitment. Parental responsibilities are detailed in the Dolphins Swim Team Code of Conduct. Generally, parents are expected to support their swimmers, to keep abreast of swim team news and events, and to volunteer in the following ways

  1. Dolphins Swim Team “meet jobs
    1. Each family must volunteer for both halves of the practice swim meet.
    2. Each family must volunteer for one Champs meet job.
    3. Each family must volunteer for a total of four half jobs (if there are two home dual meets) or five half jobs (if there are three home dual meets) over the course of the dual meets. You can choose to spread these out as you wish (e.g., you might choose to work both halves of one meet, followed by not working at the next meet) as long as you volunteer for the requisite number of half jobs over the course of our season.
  2. Dolphins Swim Team "season jobs"
    1. Each family must volunteer to assist with one social or fundraising event. Signing up for one event is required to complete the registration process.
    2. Each family must contribute two snack bar items during the course of our swim meets.

Scholarship Policy

Depending on available funding, the Dolphins Swim Team provides registration fee scholarships to help eligible youth join the swim team. This scholarship program provides assistance to youth from low income families or families who have endured a recent hardship such as loss of employment. To be eligible for a scholarship, the swim team family must submit a signed letter to the swim team parent committee no later than two weeks after the date of online registration, attaching evidence of either low income (e.g., free or reduced lunch program) or an explanation of a recent hardship. The swimmer must commit to attend a minimum of 80 percent of scheduled practices and meets.

How to Sign Up

Laurelwood Cabana Club membership is required in order to join the Dolphins Swim Team. Learn more on Club Membership Benefits and how to Become a Member. Once you are a registered member, then you can register for the swim team via registration pages on the member's website. Note there is an additional fee for the Swim Team, but it is very reasonable and helps cover the costs of our extraordinary coaching staff, league dues, all entry fees, many social events, and team awards.