COVID-19 Pool Reservation Page

The current policies will be in place until further notice. As soon as the County eases the restrictions we will also make changes to increase available space and time. Thank you for helping us keep our community safe.

What are the different pool reservations available to my family?

  1. There are three different types of time slots you can sign-up for.
    1. Lap Swim - Pool configuration is traditional 6 swim lanes. This time is designated for those family units who want to use the pool for fitness. Lanes 1,3, & 5 enter at the deep end. Lanes 2,4, & 6 enter at the shallow end (lane 1 is the grass side of the pool). Please only stop continuous swimming at your start end of the pool. If you need to stop at the other end try to keep that time minimal.
    2. Family Swim - Pool is configured to have 6 equal 450 Sqft of shared pool space. 3 locations are available for the shallow end and 3 in the deep end. Please pick a spot that is suited for your family with an adjacent table. This pool space is to promote physical distancing.
    3. Baby pool - The baby pool reservation is only available for 1 family unit at a time. You may choose either one of the plastic tables under the cabanas.

How do we register for pool time at the Club?

  1. Next to your MY LCC page, there is a registration tab on the website.
    1. By selecting a reservation you are stating that you are in agreement (the days you come to the club) on following the Santa Clara County Public Health COVID-19 policies of wearing masks, not leaving home if you have experienced any symptoms or have been exposed to anyone with COVID-19 within the last 14 days, as well as our normal club rules. The most stringent rules supersede.
    2. Each Member family unit will receive an allotment of 2 reservation pool time slots for the week, to begin with. As the week progresses and all members have been given 24 hours to pick their slots additional slots will be opened depending on the availability. NO GUESTS at this time.
      1. This is the most strict model and we anticipate being able to offer more slots as the Santa Clara County Health Dept restrictions easy.
      2. Reservation weeks start on Wednesdays and finish on Tuesdays.
      3. Reservation sign-ups will open at 10am on the Monday (2 days before the reservation week starting on Wednesday) and close 10a on Tuesday.

What will the club look like under the latest COVID-19 order?

  1. Club Safety Plan and Safety Guidlines
  2. A mask is required for all members over the age of 2.
    1. Masks should be worn at all times EXCEPT for swimming and when at your table. Face Coverings Inforamtion
  3. When you arrive at the front gate members need to scan key cards to unlock the gate.
    1. DO NOT open the gate for another member, we need all that enter to sign in as well as keeping you at the appropriate distance.
    2. Exiting members have the right of way.
    3. Please use the front landing which is designated as the entrance waiting area to assure proper distancing.
  4. Wooden tables are placed around the main pool at safe distances but still allow you to keep an eye on your swimmers. For the baby pool, use the plastic table under the cabana. NO Lifeguards on duty - please watch your swimmers at all times.
  5. Stay at one table. Do not mingle with other members. Though you may have other families you are related to or have been “quarantined” with, we ask you to still uphold physical distancing while at Laurelwood.
  6. Stay in your pool section/lane.
  7. You can bring your own cleaning supplies but we will have supplies available as well as hand sanitizer. Actually, due to the limited availability of some items, any help in keeping our stock of supplies is appreciated
  8. NO large flotation toys allowed at this time. NO water wings that do not have a chest or back support allowed. What you bring in please remember to take back out. We will not be keeping a lost and found area at this time so all abandoned items will be discarded.
  9. Bathrooms are now “FAMILY” restrooms. One family unit at a time. Only the toilets and sinks are available for you.
  10. Please shower prior to entering the pool. You can do this at home just before you come down. The outdoor showers are the only showers open.
  11. WASH YOUR HANDS… There is an outdoor sink available for handwashing as well as the restroom sinks.
  12. The BBQ, refrigerator, and ice machine are not available at this time.
  13. Lap Swim Map
  14. Family Swim Map

Last Revised: Jun 3, 2020

Reservations Are Available to Members Only