Pool Reservations

Reservations are still required for all visits to the club including lap and family swim.
Reservations will continue to open at 10 am the Monday prior to the week. Limited to a few slots on Monday; limits lifted on Tuesday 10 am.
Allocations are no longer limited, though we do ask you not to book more than what you know you can use. If you cannot make it, cancellations are still expected as a courtesy to other members.

ALL pool rules apply. Please review the LCC rules.

Lifeguards will be on duty during peak times. When the lifeguard is on duty, they will blow the whistle at :50 minutes to pull all swimmers out of the water. Please pack up promptly for the next group. If you have multiple reservations in a row, just let the lifeguard know at the time.

Masks are no longer required. Mask wearing for unvaccinated children or adults is at the family’s discretion. We do ask all members to be mindful of our children under 12 who have not been vaccinated. Also, if you are experiencing any symptoms of being ill such as fever or digestive issues, please do not come to the pool until your symptoms have passed for at least 24 hours.

We will make adjustments as we go along to meet your needs and the best interest of the club. Be patient with us as we navigate yet another “new way of business”.

Board policy is to preserve the space and time for members; Guests will be allowed during GUEST HOURS only.

Last Revised: August 16, 2021

Reservations Are Available to Members Only