Q: When does the pool open?
A: The regular season is April 1 through October 31. In 2019, we will also offer a Pre-Season Membership for the month of March at an additional charge.

Q: How much does it cost?
A: In 2019, Membership for new members is $775.00, plus a $100.00 administrative fee. If you were a member in 2018, the membership fee is $700.00 and the administrative fee does not apply. There is additional cost for all swim programs including lessons, camps, swim team, etc.

Q: What are your hours?
A: We operate on a Dawn to Dusk schedule, meaning adult members or children with adult supervision have access to the pool from 7am to 9pm. During the peak season (June through August) regular lifeguarded hours are offered daily. There may be times during the season when the pool is closed for swim team practices or private events. Please check the calendar for hours.

Q: How big is the pool?
A: Our lap pool is six lanes, 25 yds, 3ft to 4.5 ft deep. It includes steps, hand railings and a handicap lift. The wading pool is 1ft deep and includes steps and hand railings.

Q: What is the temperature of the pool?
A: The lap pool is heated to ~82° and the wading pool is ~84°.

Q: Are there lifeguards?
A: Yes, there are lifeguards on duty during afternoon hours and weekends beginning in April and daily during the peak season, June through mid August. Although there may be lifeguards present, you are responsible for your safety and that of your children. Please check the calendar for lifeguard hours.

Q: Can I bring guests?
A: Yes! Guests are welcome during lifeguarded hours only. A $5.00 guest fee applies per guest.

Q: What is the membership refund policy?*

Membership Dues Refund Policy:

* please note that swim team has their own refund policy.

Q: What is the swim program payment and refund policy?

Payment Policy

  1. Payment due at time of registration by credit card (online) or by check.
  2. If paying by check, print bill and submit with check within 7 days of registration or registration will be dropped.

LCC Cancelation Policy

  1. Print the cancelation form and deliver it to the managers.
  2. If refund is due, it will be paid via original method of payment and processed in approximately 2 weeks.
  3. Cancelation request submitted 29 days or earlier from start date of session NO fee will be assessed.
  4. Cancelation request submitted 28 to 15 days from start date of session a $25.00 fee will be assessed.
  5. Cancelation request submitted 14 to 8 days from start date of session a $50.00 fee will be assessed.
  6. Cancelation request submitted 7 days prior to start date - no refund.